In person classes starting again from 11th July ! My studio is COVID Secure. You can see my risk assessment here.

Georgie is particularly interested in the therapeutic effects of art and teaches relaxed, informal workshops from her studio on Saturdays. These classes are aimed at anyone who would like to get creative but lacks either the space, materials or motivation to get started. Whether you want to paint a portrait for a friend's birthday present, replicate a famous painting for your own wall or just reconnect with your creative side, this is a space you can do just that. 

Her studio is located on Stepney City Farm in London: a wholesome and creative environment, physically close but atmospherically very far from the hustle and bustle of the city, with glass double doors looking out onto the farm, animals all around, and neighboured by a spoon-carver and a ceramicist.  

Georgie’s workshops are very process-led, with the intention of connecting with the innate creativity that already exists within each of us.  For centuries humans have instinctively created, but many people believe they’re no good so they don’t try. Georgie’s aim is to reinvent the purpose of painting as a means of reconnecting to ourselves. The classes are relaxed and Georgie offers guidance and structure but also encourages freedom of expression and risk taking.

If you're looking for something a little different for a corporate event / team bonding, look no further! Georgie has seven years' experience teaching art to corporate teams of all abilities. 


These classes are a great way to get the team unwinding, bonding through shared creativity and exercising new muscles that can help in other areas including lateral thinking. 

Georgie offers a range of class formats and themes to suit your needs - just email her on for more info and prices.

What people say...


'I have attended two of Georgie's Saturday classes. I'm new to painting and it was the perfect introductory class for me...Georgie is friendly, interesting and easy to talk to. I enjoyed the conversation as much as the art! The atmosphere is relaxed. She lets you do your own thing and encourages you to find your own style but she is also very happy to share her own expertise and knowledge if you have any questions, need some inspiration or are feeling a bit stuck with a piece! I'll definitely be back.' -Roberta M, Saturday Class student

'Highly recommend for any aspiring artists, or anyone that fancies taking a few hours of their week for some therapeutic painting and to learn some thing new. Georgie was a really wonderful teacher and just being around her paintings was super inspiring.' -Ben, student of corporate online class

Georgie has been really helpful in getting me started again and I've gone multiple times to work on different pieces. I've had a chance to see her work with different groups of students on Saturdays and everyone has a great time with the painting and meeting new folks. I have nothing but good things to about the class and Georgie's instruction. - Thomas W, Saturday class student

Georgie was a great teacher - I was a little nervous as I'd never painted before but she made the class really fun, and she was very encouraging. There wasn't any pressure to make an amazing piece, it was more about the process. A little glass of red didn't go amiss in helping the creative process on its way...' - John A, student at corporate event at Broadgate Circle 

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