Georgie Mason is an intuitive abstract painter working in an assortment of media. Having been brought up in rural Suffolk, she misses open space and is grateful to be working at Stepney City Farm, about as close to 'countryside' as you could hope for in London.


Georgie values the art making process for its therapeutic benefits and as a process of self-exploration just as much as she values the final product. Her process is experiential, she immerses herself in her art-making, playing her music loud and dancing, scribbling streams of consciousness into the paint, collecting found objects from the farm and gluing them into her work. Every painting tells a story - an amalgamation of moments, emotions, energy and materials that went into its making. What that story is remains a secret, eluding the viewer and even Georgie who usually has no idea what the paintings are ‘about’ or how she was feeling at the time.  She is fascinated by the capacity of art to means something different to each and every person who views it.


Georgie is inspired by variety, finding her best ideas come up whilst engaged in activities unrelated to art. ‘Hobbies or projects such as dance, singing/songwriting, meditation, yoga and teaching give me fresh contexts that allow me to see things from new perspectives and freely come up with creative ideas.’


Since graduating from a degree in English Literature and History of Art at Nottingham University, she has exhibited internationally including at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the Affordable Art Fairs, and the Museum of Goa in India. Her work is held in public and private collections across the UK and she has been a guest lecturer at Queen Mary University. In 2019 Georgie was co-founder and Creative Director at MasterPeace London, a mindful painting experience in Victoria. Now, Georgie teaches art classes both from her studio and at events and festivals across the UK, including Fearne Cotton's Happy Place Festival, and London Mindful Living Show. 

Stepney City Farm, London | georgie.s.mason@gmail.com | (+44) 7950371151

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