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Georgie Mason’s (b.1991) interdisciplinary work is made in response to her personal journey into understanding the unconscious mind and unifying inner opposites. A deep interest in Jungian theory, inner alchemy and energetic healing inform her practise.


Mason collects scattered and buried objects from the shore of the Thames as a metaphor for searching within the psyche for unconscious aspects. In the studio, she creates sculptures and cyanotypes that contain the imprints of our past, redefining buried aspects as 'objects' to be seen and valued. As alchemists allegedly turned base metal to gold, Mason is led by her materials and their fatalistic interactions to create works that mirror and catalyse her own ‘archaeology of soul’.


Based in East London, Mason is in her second year of the Fine Art MA at City and Guilds Art School. London solo shows include E5 Bakehouse, Unit G Gallery and ‘Between the Two Waves of the Sea’, a performance piece at London Made me on Regent Street. Group exhibitions include Works on Paper 5 at Blue Shop Cottage, Canyon at RuptureXhibit, <Inside Out> at Here East, The Other Art Fair and The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.


Georgie has also curated a number of shows including ‘The Wild Geese Call’ at Old Street Gallery, and ‘Ash + Sun’ at Somerton House, Bath. She has been accepted onto PADA Residency in Portugal for October and November 2023.

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