Georgie Mason is a contemporary landscape painter working in an assortment of media.  Working from her studio on Stepney Farm in London, Georgie creates mixed media landscapes that feel both recognisable and metaphorical.


Largely self-taught, she has been inspired by the British Masters (Turner, Constable...) as well as contemporary artists such as Frank Bowling. Her process is intuitive and visceral: by immersing herself in nature and allowing organic elements (sand, mud, raindrops...) into her work she  breaks down conceptual binaries of art and nature. Her interest in this theme developed during her Art Foundation at Oxford Brookes, and deepened during her English Literature and History of Art BA. 


Since graduating, she has exhibited internationally including at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the Affordable Art Fairs, and the Museum of Goa in India.  Her work is held in public and private collections across the UK and she has been a guest lecturer at Queen Mary University.


Georgie also has over ten years' experience as an art educator, with aims to teach art as a form of mindfulness and to make creativity accessible to everyone.  As such, she has taught at events such as Fearne Cotton's Happy Place Festival and The London Mindful Living Show, and in 2019 she helped launch MasterPeace London, a mindful painting experience in Victoria. She also runs weekly workshops from her studio and online, and has recently launched a new IG Live Series called 'The Art of Mindfulness'.