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The Wild Geese Call

A Group Exhibition Curated by Georgie Mason

23 - 27 August 2021 | 10am - 8pm

The Wild Geese Call Exhibition Dives Deep into the Wounds of Collective Trauma, Introspection and What it Means to be Connected to the Natural World.

The show brings together the work of six artists, each of whose practice draws, consciously or unconsciously, on the principles of ecosomatics. Ecosomatics connects psychology and the healing arts with ecological consciousness. Through awareness of one’s body in the natural environment, and as the natural environment, we can bridge the separation between mind, body and earth. Showcasing work made throughout and post-pandemic, each artist engages with a universal visual language in order to reflect an approach to healing that is at once personal and collective.

The title takes its inspiration from a poem by Mary Olivier, ‘The Wild Geese’, in which we are reminded that life is not an individualist struggle; that if we dissolve the illusion of separateness and let the ‘soft animal of our body love what it loves’, we will effortlessly find our place ‘in the family of things.’

‘The Wild Geese Call’ is about progress, celebration, hope: a small step in what needs to be a collective stride towards a more ecologically conscious lived experience where we feel more a part of, rather than apart from, nature.

Exhibiting Artists: 

Beatrice Hasell-McCosh  |  Charlotte J Ward  | Georgie Mason  |  Harriet Gillett  |  Henry Glover 

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